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Uninterruptible Power Supply. A UPS is basically a battery back-up system for your computer. It acts as a surge suppressor, filtering line noise and providing protection against spikes. But, in the event of a power outage it keeps your computer up and running, sounding an alarm and allowing you to close any running programs and shut down your computer safely.
Universal Resource Locater. Simply, the address to a website on the Internet. To help better explain the parts, lets look at /glossaryu.htm. The 'http://' tells you the document type (it uses the HTTP protocol). Next, 'www' tells you it's on the World Wide Web and 'pccomputernotes' is the domain name (the name of the computer where the document is stored). The '.com' tells you the type of domain (commercial, in this case), and the 'glossaryu.htm' is the name of the document. If you don't see a document name (eg. ) then it displays the default document for that domain, usually 'default.htm' or 'index.htm'.
Also known as ATA/33, this is a technology in newer IDE hard drives that allows for greater overall throughput. ATA/66 is now available with many hard drives which is even faster. However, a 7200 rpm ATA/33 drive will generally be faster than a 5400 rpm ATA/66 drive. That is, the speed of the drive itself is much more important than the ATA/33 or 66 rating.
User Profile
A file kept in the Registry that contains a user's desktop settings and personal setup preferences to be retained from session to session.

A Universal Serial Bus is an external bus with a maximum transfer speed of 12 megabits per second. It's hot-swappable, which means that a device can be connected or disconnected while the computer is running. The Operating System can recognise and use the device as soon as its plugged in. Up to 127 devices can be daisy-chained together.

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