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Basic Topics to be covered for a good computer trainer:

· Creating excellent documents.

· Saving the documents with good filenames and in proper folders.

· Organizing files and folders for quick retrieval and reference.

· E-mail, fax or print the documents with proper margins.

· Solving day-to-day and some interesting financial problems using spreadsheets like Excel.

· Formatting the spreadsheets for correct printing.

· Createing excellent presentations using PowerPoint or HTML.

· Sending and receive e-mails properly in a computer networked environment.

· Managing and organizing e-mails.

· Searching the Internet for good solid information using intelligent queries.

· Trouble-shooting some basic computer problems like search for a file using proper search parameters.

· Sharing files and folders with colleagues in a secure manner.

· Opening an ‘unknown’ file format received as an e-mail attachment.

· Avoiding viruses and spy-ware problems.

· Installing a printer.

· Downloading a program from the internet and installing the program correctly.

· Using a pen-drive to share or transfer files.

· Burning a CD.

· Setting a local area network (LAN) of computers in the office.

· Troubleshooting computer LAN problems.

· Sharing a single internet connection for all computers in the LAN.

Basic Topics

· PowerPoint Presentations

· Excel

· Database Management, starting with MS-ACCESS

· Computerised Accounts

· Website design & setup

· Computer Programming (C++, VB.NET)

· FLASH including scripting

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