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FTP : File Transfer Protocol .


File Transfer Protocol, usually called FTP, is a utility for managing files across machines without having to establish a remote session with Telnet. FTP uses two TCP channels. TCP port 20 is the data channel, and port 21 is the command channel. FTP is different from most other TCP/IP application programs in that it does use two channels, enabling simultaneous transfer of FTP commands and data.

What is cute Ftp?

Cute FTP is a window based file transfer protocol (FTP)client that allows the user to transfer files over the internet.
Cute FTP interface makes it simple for the beginner while its robust features can satisfy most of the advanced users.

In additions to features such as pasting URL's, importing bookmarks and resuming downloads.
The features of the FTP are as follows.

1. Improved site manager

2. Automated file scheduler

3. Smart keep alive

4. Advanced queue features

5. New coding for better memory management .Smaller file size , faster operation

6. Cross platform.

7. No connection speed important.

Establishing a connection

Before u can connect to an FTP site u must connect to the internet service provider (ISP). Since virtually all ISP's
differ in line connections routines .consult their technical support.

For the configuration of the FTP.

Port :-Channel of data transfer is defined as TCP.

Adding a site

Select, a folder for the new site to rest.

Click on the new button enter the name.

Enter the FTP server address in the FTP
of FTP sites use 21).

To connect to your new site highlight in the left.

Editing the site

1. Select the folder from the list in the left window pane of the FTP site manager screen.

2. Choose a site listed below from the selected folder.

3. Make the changes in the fields to the right.

4. Removing the site

5. Select the folder from the list in the left window of the FTP site Manager screen.

6. Choose a site below the selected folder.

7. Click 'EDIT/DELETE' from the Menu Bar.


Steps to upload the file

1. Click on the file in the left window ,hold down the button and drag the file to the right window.

2. Right-click on the file in the left window and select the upload* from the popup menu.

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