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Computer Aided Design - See CAD/CAM.
A letter followed by a colon is used to designate a drive (physical or virtual) on your computer. C: drive is usually the hard drive inside the case that your computer boots from (contains the operating system files).
Cab File
A cabinet file contains several or many compressed files. These files are generally used to distribute software on disk and have a .cab file extension. Most of the files for Windows95/98 are in Cab files on the Setup Disk. The Extract command is used to extract one or more files from the cabinet file.
An area of high speed memory set aside to store frequently accessed data. When data is accessed, a copy (and its address in memory) is stored in cache memory. The next time the CPU looks for information, it first checks the cache. If the data is there (called a hit), it can retrieve it from the much faster cache memory. If it is not, then it accesses system memory, puts a copy of the new data in the cache, and processes the information. Disk caching and memory caching significantly improves the overall speed of the computer but there are limits.
Color Graphics Adapter. One of the first color display adapter cards. It had a palette of 16 colors but could only display 4 at a resolution of 320 X 200 pixels. Even in monochrome (one color) it had poor resolution for graphics (640 X 200 pixels).
A group of microchips that actually control the flow of information on your computer. They are the controllers for the memory, cache, hard drive, keyboard, etc.. These groups of chips direct traffic along the bus and can allow devices to talk to each other without having to go through the CPU.
A computer hooked to a network, that uses data or programs that are located on another computer (server).
Complimentary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor. This is one of two technologies used to produce or manufacture microchips. The other is TTL or Transistor Transistor Logic. Although CMOS is a little slower and much more susceptible to ESD or static electricity, it uses less power and generates a lot less heat and has replaced the bulkier chips in PCs. All of today's CPUs and memory chips are CMOS chips. Because your computer's configuration or setup is stored in a CMOS chip, it has sometimes been labeled CMOS setup, or just plain CMOS. So if someone suggests you check your CMOS, they mean you should look in your setup program.
This is the command interpreter that interprets the commands received from the operator (or an application) into something the computer can understand. It can accept commands from the user, launch programs and pass this information to the computer, or the other operating system files.
A user-configurable text file, in the MS-DOS Operating System, that usually contains device drivers and system setup files. During the bootup process in MS-DOS, CONFIG.SYS is located and the external device drivers and configuration options in that file are loaded.
A file written to your hard drive that Web sites use to track visitors. When you visit a Web site, a file (cookie) may be added to your hard drive or updated to include information such as the time and date, which pages you visited, any passwords you might need for the site, and any other information you might have contributed at their request.
See Cathode Ray Tube.
Cross-linked Clusters
Files are stored on your hard disk in chains of clusters linked together. Which clusters are used and how they are linked is stored in an index or directory called the File Allocation Table or FAT. If, through some error, the FAT shows two files using the same cluster, then they are cross-linked.
Corrupted Files
Any file that has been damaged or ruined. This can happen for a variety of reasons; Program glitches, crashes, user error, power failures, power spikes, memory problems.. There are different precautions you can take to reduce the chance of corrupted files, but you will experience them.

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