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Joint Photographics Expert Group. JPEG is a graphics image compression format used widely on the Internet for full color images because of its ability to reduce the size of the graphics file. However, itís a lossy format. In other words, it compresses the image by sacrificing or 'averaging' data or information. The higher the compression ratio, the more image degradation that takes place. Every time you save the image, it averages or tosses out info. So it's best to work on an image in another format and do your final save as JPEG. The file extension is .JPEG or .JPG.
JavaScript is a scripting language that adds many interesting and interactive features to web pages viewed with the Netscape web browser. Not to be confused with Java, which is a powerful full-fledged programming language, JavaScript can produce some of the interactive features that Java Applets produce but they are only viewable in the Netscape browser.
Used mostly for computer flight simulators and action games, a joystick is an input device that transfers movements you make with the device into movements on your computer screen. It is used to simulate arcade-style play for computer games.
A very powerful programming language for application development. Java was designed by Sun Microsystems as a language that can be safely downloaded and run on your computer (as long as your computer has a Java Interpreter) while you are on the Internet. Small Java programs, called applets, are used in the development of web pages and allow for animation and interactivity with the user at home. Plug-Ins (interpreters) are often included with the newer versions of browsers such as Netscape and Internet Explorer.

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