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DOS - (Disk Operating System)

Dos is a disk operating system with a set of programs that act as a translator between the user

and the computer in order to perform the task of the user. Ms-Dos is a popular operating system

on Micro-Computers.

Dos commands are of two types:

Internal Commands:
Cls : This command is used to clear the screen.

Ver : This helps us to know the later version of dos.

Vol : This command shows the label of the current drive & and its serial number.

Date : This command display the current date. Also called as the system date.

Time : This command display the current time and also the message to enter the new time.

Dir : This command display the list of files and directory in the mentioned directory or drive.

Dir/P : This command show all the files pagewise. Once the screen is full of filename a message saying “press any key to continue” is displayed, he user can take his/ her own time o view the files & its details.

Dir/w : This command is used to display the content of disk i.e files width wise i.e:- five filenames perline.

Wild Characters : There are 2 wild characters.

?: denoted any one single characters.

* : denotes any no of characters.

Type : This command is used to see the content of a specific file on the screen.

Rename or Ren : This command is used to change the filename.

Del (Deleting) : This command is used to erase the file from the disk.

Copy : This commands is used to duplicate the content of one file in to another file.

Directories : A directories is a separate area on the disk to store some files.

Md<directory name>

Rd<removing directory>

Edit : is a Dos Editor. It is an internal command.

External Commands :

External commands are ones which requires certain special Dos files for their execution.

Tree : This command display path and optionally list the content of each directory and sub directory

on the specified drive.

Sort : The sort filter reads input ,sorts the data and then writes the sorted data screen or to a file

or another device.

Find : Locates all the lines which contain a specific string of text in a file or files.

Print : This command used to print to content of the files.

Chkdsk: This command is used to display the report regarding the status of the disk.

Diskcopy: This command is used to copy the content of one disk to another.

Attrib : Each and every file has some attributes stored for it.

Backup: The hardisk can sometimes suffer a head crash. In such occasion all data on the disk is

lost and irrecoverable.

Format : To make a floppy or hardisk capable of storage.

Deltree: It is used to delete all files or directories from the drive or directory from drive or directory.

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