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Power Supply
The box inside your computer that supplies the electricity your computer needs. The Power Supply converts the house AC current to voltages the computer can use, 3.3, 5, and 12 volts DC.
A division of a hard drive. Each division is capable of containing 1 or more logical drives. Even if you're not going to divide a hard drive up, it still must be partitioned. Partitioning creates the Master Boot Record.
Partition Table
A type of video display (originally for notebook and laptop computers) that uses a series of criss-crossed wires with an LCD element at each intersection to produce a picture. Each element represents a pixel and can either allow light to pass or not. In contrast, an active-matrix display has a single transistor to represent each picture element (pixel). Passive-matrix displays are cheaper to produce but can't produce as sharp a picture as an active-matrix display.
Path Name
The filing system on a computer is a hierarchical system. The Path Name for a certain file indicates to the computer, or the user, the drive and list of directories (folders) that must be followed to find that file. This is the path needed to access, retrieve or save the file. The path D:\GAMES\WIPEOUT\WIPEOUT.EXE indicates that the file WIPEOUT.EXE, needed to start this game, is in a directory or folder called WIPEOUT, which is in a folder called GAMES, which is on the D: drive.
Peripheral Component Interconnect. The PCI bus is a local bus that supports both 32 and 64-bit data paths. It has a 33 MHz bus speed and is processor independent (communicates with the processor through a bridge circuit). Most PCI expansion cards are Plug and Play.
Pin Grid Array. A type of socket for a Central Processing Unit. The PGA Socket has all its pins lined up in even rows, as opposed to the SPGA Socket which has its rows staggered.
A port is a socket or plug-in on your computer that allows you to attach an external device by connecting its cable.
Pixel is a contraction for Picture Element. Everything on your computer screen is made up of thousands of tiny little dots. Each dot is called a pixel. The more pixels used to draw your screen, the higher the resolution. A resolution of 1024x768 means that your monitor is using 1024 pixels across your screen and 768 pixels down. This is a total of 786,432 pixels used to display the image
A method of error checking memory in which a ninth bit is added. A computer may use Even Parity or Odd Parity. Using Even Parity, when data is put into memory, each byte is examined to determine the number of 1s. If the number of 1st in the byte are even, then a zero (0) would be put in the ninth bit. If the number of 1s in the byte are odd, then a one (1) would be put in the ninth bit to make the number even. So every byte in memory should have an even number of 1s. If a byte is found to have an odd number, then a parity error is displayed. The opposite holds true for Odd Parity.

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