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ESD Electrostatic Discharge is the discharge of built up static electricity. You may not even feel the discharge but ESD can damage chips and ruin motherboards, rendering your computer useless.
EGA Enhanced Graphics Adapter. A high resolution video card that came out after CGA. It was manufactured by IBM and could produce a resolution of 640 X 350 pixels and display 16 colors out of a palette of 64.
Enhanced BIOS A newer BIOS that has been written to accommodate larger-capacity (gigabyte) drives.
EPROM Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory. A type of PROM chip that can be removed from the circuit and erased using ultraviolet light. The chip can then be re-programmed using an EPROM burner.
EDO RAM Extended Data Out RAM. A type of DRAM that can be 10% to 20% faster than normal DRAM if no external cache is used. EDO keeps its chip output buffer open longer and can begin to access more data even before its done reading the previous data. Not much of a speed increase is noticed over Fast Page Mode RAM if an external cache of 256K is present. Controller must be compatible or it will act like normal DRAM.
Expansion Slot A connector or slot on your computers motherboard that allows for the insertion of an expansion card, connecting it to the systems bus or electronic pathways.

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