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An Internet Service Provider allows your computer access to their computers and Internet access for a fee. Most ISPs provide access to the Internet and the World Wide Web with one or more email addresses. You can also get Internet access through Online Service Providers such as CompuServe and America Online. They offer other features such as chat rooms, forums, and searchable databases, but are usually more expensive.
I/O Address
An address in memory that is associated with a specific device, (serial port, parallel port, expansion slot) and allows the CPU to communicate with that port or expansion slot, thus allowing communication with the device attached.
An interrupt is a command sent to the processor to get its attention. The CPU then has to decide whether to continue with what its doing and handle this command later, or set aside what its doing and handle the interrupt immediately. Interrupts are prioritized and can be sent from hardware devices or software.
Internal Cache
A small amount of very fast RAM that is stored inside the CPU. It is faster than External or L2 cache and is referred to as L1 or Level 1 cache.
A system file for the MS-DOS operating system. Its a hidden file in the root directory of the primary partition of the primary drive. This file provides the basi I/O capabilities for the system, allowing it the ability to communicate with the different peripherals. IO.SYS directs the overall process of loading the Operating System.
An Intranet is a network of computers in an office or building that communicate with each other and share files and resources such as laser printers and file storage space on servers.

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