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What is internet ?
The internet is a global network which can be accessed from any part of the world through an internet service provider (ISP). One of the major component of the Internet is the world wide web. Here companies and individuals all around the world establish their own websites on the net. It is like a virtual showroom where anybody can showcase their products and services. In some cases, websites are used for actual business transactions like an on line magazine where visitors can get updated regularly on the latest news and events. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)

How to get connected ?
Connecting to the Internet involves a modem, a phone line and an Internet service provider (ISP) .An ISP is a company that provides you with internet connection service through your phone line. Now a days we also have cable internet for which no phone line is used.

How does information travel over the Internet ?
When u send a letter by post, you send the letter in to an envelope. On it , you write the receivers’s address and your own address. Data goes ove the Internet in a similar way, except that it is divided in to smaller bits of information called packets. Each packets is like the postal envelope. It contains a piece of data called a datagram; your electronic address and the electronic address of the person you are sending it to, Which is called the Internet Protocol or Ip. These packets are sent to other computers over the telephone lines this id done using a modem, which is a device that connects a computer to a phone line.Once the packets reach their destination, they are reassembled back to the orginal data.

What is ISP (Internet Service Provider) ?
To use the internet, you must first register with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) . ISPs are companied that act as your link to the internet , just like telephone operators connect you to thr telephone system.ISPs usually have powerful computers directly connected to the Internet Network. American Online is a wellknown US ISP, While VSNL ia a Indian one. When u register the ISP gives you a unigue username and password. You dial with the ISP number and can connect to internet.

What is an Internet Address ?
Every computer that is part of the Internet has its own unique address. To connect your computer to another, you connect to the Internet, and then enter the address of the computer you want to reach. This address is a long string of numbers. Since people find easier to remember that numbers , in 1984 the numbers were identified with a name.The name has different parts. Take for e.g:, here 'www' stand for World Wide Web. Abc is the name of organization whose computer you want to reach and .‘com’ is an extension. Different extension exist, which are codes for the country of origin or type of organization.

Some such Extensions are given below

edu: Educational Facility
com:Commercial Organization
com:Commercial Organization
gov:Non-MilitaryGovernment Body
mil: Military Concern
org:Other Organization
net:Network Resource
ac:Academic Institution

What is a browser ?
A browser is basically a client program that uses HTTP and is used to view Web pages on the World Wide Web. Its function is to retrieve documents from the Web and format them in such a way that they can be viewed in our systems. Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer are two popular browsers for Windows and Macintosh platforms while Lynx which can handle only text is designed for UNIX shell users. The browser actually acts as an intermediary between our system and any other system on the Web. Shortcut Keys For Internet Explorer

What is a Webpage ?
Web is a collection of files known as WebPages. These WebPages can contain hyperlinks to link other WebPages. A hyperlink can be any text or image which when clicked would display another webpage .There may be one or more pages in the home page, which is the initial webpage present in a website.

What is www ?
(www) world wide web is helpful in different ways to different users be it advertising, information about current invention or entertainment. It is both humorous and informative. Institutions , Government Agencies, Business Organization, access web to barter information with millions of users be creating their own WebPages.

What is email ?
In its simplest form, e-mail is an electronic message sent from one device to another. While most messages go from computer to computer,e-mail can also be sent and received by mobile phones.With e-mail, you can send or receive personal and business-related messages with attachments, such as photos or formatted documents. You can also send music,videoclips and software programs.Some sites where email id is created /

Sending and Receiving Messages ?
To receive e-mail, you need an account on a mail server. This is similar to having a street address where you receive letters. One advantage over regular mail is that you can retrieve your e-mail from anywhere location in the world, provide that you have Internet access. Once you connect to your mail server, you just download your messages to your computer or wireless device.Email Id What is SMTP ?

How to chat ?
Chatting can be done from different websites. Chatting helps to make friends, you can chat with one or more than one person at a time. By sitting at your home you can talks with anyone around the world.You can also chat and see your relatives or friends online with the help of webcam.Chatting helps u to keep your friends and relatives near to your heart who are far away.


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