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What is a window?
A window is an area on your desktop within which all Windows-based programs run.

What is a desktop?
When you start your computer, the first thing you see is the desktop. The desktop is your work area.

What is Taskbar ?
By default, the taskbar is located on the bottom edge of the desktop. You can click on the taskbar and drag it to other locations. The Start button, active program buttons, icons for quick access to programs, and the current time are located on the taskbar.

What is My Computer ?
The My Computer icon provides access to the resources on your computer. You can access your drives and other peripherals by clicking on the My Computer icon. You can also access the Control Panel through My Computer.

What is Recycle Bin ?
When you delete an object, Windows 98 sends it to the Recycle Bin. You can restore objects that are located in the Recycle Bin or you can permanently delete them.

What is Shortcut icon ?
Icons with an arrow in the lower left corner are shortcut icons. Click on the icon for quick access to the object they represent (program, document, printer, and so on).

What is Program, Folder, and Document icons ?
Program, folder, and document icons do not have an arrow in the lower left corner. They represent the actual object and provide direct access to the object.

How do I shut down my computer?
To shut down your computer:
1. Click on the Start button. The Start menu will appear.
2. Click on Shutdown. The Shut Down Windows dialog box will appear.
3. Click on the Shut Down radio button.
4. Clickon OK.


How do I restart my computer?
To shutdown and immediately restart your computer:

1. Click on the Start button. The Start menu will appear.

2. Click on Shut Down. The Shut Down Windows dialog box will appear.

3. Click on the Restart radio button.

4. Click on OK.

What is Standby mode?
When your computer is in the Standby mode, your computer consumes less electricity but is ready for immediate use. If the computer loses electrical power while in the standby mode, any information you have not saved will be lost.

How do I start a program?

To start a program:

1. Click on the Start button, located in the lower left corner of your screen.

2. Highlight Programs. The Program menu will appear.

3. Move to the Program menu and highlight the program you want to start. If you see a right pointer next to your selection, a submenu will appear. Refine your choice by highlighting the appropriate selection on the submenu. Continue until you get to the final menu.

4. Click on the program name to start the program.

How do I quickly find files and folders?
To quickly find a file or folder:

1. Click on the Start button.

2. Highlight Find.

3. Highlight Files or Folders.

4. Press Enter. The dialog box shown here will appear. You do not need to complete every field.
Only enter the criteria you want to use for your search.

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