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Operating System
The software on your computer that is responsible for allocating the computers resources, such as memory, disk space and processor time, and for accessing different peripheral devices such as the monitor or printer. Your computer can do nothing without an Operating System and it's the first piece of software loaded at bootup.
Information processed by the CPU that is sent to another device or peripheral such as a hard drive, monitor or printer.
Online Service
An Online Service provides access to the Internet and World Wide Web for a monthly fee. As opposed to an ISP (Internet Service Provider), an Online Service usually provides forums, chat rooms, database indexing and other features that can't be accessed unless you have a subscription.
Object Linking and Embedding. A method of sharing information (objects) between application programs. When an object, such as a graphic or a document, is linked from one application to another, any changes to the object in the second application will show up in the original. When an object is embedded, the information is copied and permanently placed in the second application. Any changes made to the object only occur in the application where the changes are made.
In programming, an object is the name for a reusable piece of code. These objects, or pieces of code, can be used in other parts of the program, and even in other programs, to perform the same type or similar function without having to rewrite the code. In OLE (Object Linking and Embedding), an object is considered to be a specific element, such as a graphic or document.
Optical Character Recognition. When you scan a document, it's like taking a picture that results in an image. The letters and sentences in that image can't be changed or manipulated. OCR is software that attempts to recognize the individual characters and transform the image back into a document that can be edited.
This is the term for running a CPU, video card, or other component faster than its rated speed. See my Advanced Topics for more information on this

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